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Lake Life Construction offers a wide range of services for lakeside residential properties. From planning and design, to construction and construction management, we can handle your project from start to finish! Our crew specializes in building beautiful boathouses that fit your lake property. We work closely with you from design to completion to ensure that the finished product meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Boathouses exist to accommodate incoming and outgoing boat traffic from a lake or other body of water. The boathouse lifts and stores various types of water vessels when not in use. Boathouses will typically always have a roof but may or may not have sides/walls. Pavilion style boathouses may reduce costs in some cases. Fully enclosed boathouses can give a property a more well-rounded appearance.

Why is a boathouse important?

Boathouses offer short and long-term storage for your water vessel to eliminate ongoing, expensive marina slip fees. Below are reasons to build a boathouse.

  • Sun damage

  • Severe weather conditions

  • Protection from floating debris

  • Reduce the threat of theft or tampering

  • Complete storage of all marine equipment

A well-designed boathouse can increase your property's value. Although, there are things to consider when deciding to build a boathouse. These things include:

  • Size and style of the boathouse

  • Permits, fees, taxes and insurance

  • Water and soil testing

  • Amenities

  • Ongoing maintenance


By working with Lake Life Construction, we will alleviate and put forth our best effort to minimize any additional costs and provide you with turn-key service.


Call us today for a quote! Each job will be given a customized estimate.


Lake Life Construction’s crew has over 100 years’ experience combined, doing a variety of boathouse projects.

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