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Image by Pavlo Rekun

Standing water or backyard flooding can be a nuisance. If your neighbor’s land stands at a higher elevation, water may run from his land onto yours, creating a flood of water in your yard. The solution is easy with the proper drainage services Lake Life offers. We specialize in solving drainage issues such as sump pump backups, water running through weep holes in sheds and other buildings, French drains, re-sloping, etc.

We will assess your yard to find the problem and offer solutions that meet your needs. We offer free estimates and deliver service in Conroe, Texas, and surrounding areas.

By working with Lake Life Construction, we will alleviate and put forth our best effort to minimize any additional costs and provide you with turn-key service.


Call us today for a quote! Each job will be given a customized estimate.


Lake Life Construction’s crew has over 100 years’ experience combined, doing a variety of drainage  projects.

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