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Looking to install a new and improved Bulkhead? A Bulkhead is a major improvement to your lake front property. Bulkheads protect your land and improve your access from your property to docs and boatlifts, so it’s important to get it done right.


Lake Life construction has 2 outfitted barges and crews. We have the ability to schedule, build, & complete jobs. To start remove existing bulkhead and piles then, by using the latest technology and top-quality products we build your new wood or galvanized steel bulkheads.

All lumber used in construction is .60 pressure treated specifically for water contact, and all pylons are driven down to Engineering guidelines. Each sheet on our wood bulkheads is compressed to maintain the best possible connection to the sheet pile and tie backs are also installed to stabilize the wall.  Finishing off the wall with cap boards and skirt boards is also available.

Our steel bulkheads use 5–8 gauge galvanized sheet piles with a minimum of 40% of the total wall length in the mud or 5 feet, whichever is more.  We also can provide painted steel.


Wood Bulkhead Specifications

  • 6 x 6 Bulkhead Pilings

  • 2 x 10 treated lumber 10’ Sheeting

  • 3 x 8 16’ or 20’ Whalers

  • Solid tie back rods for Bulkheads

  • 8” Treated Round Post

  • ¾” galvanized all thread rod

  • 2x12s Cap Boards

  • 2x12s Skirt Boards

  • Wooden bulkhead sheets are compressed while being driven to eliminate any gapping

  • Filter cloth is installed on the back of the bulkhead to prevent future washouts

Steel Bulkhead Specifications

  • Soil samples will be done for backfill requirements

  • Jet drains will be installed based on the above requirements

  • Bulkhead steel sheet pile minimum xx% of total length in mud

  • Drainage system behind wall to relieve stress

  • Optional concrete bulkhead tie backs

  • Staggered tie backs to avoid fault line

Call us today for a quote! Each job will be given a customized estimate.


Lake Life Construction’s crew has over 100 years’ experience combined, doing a variety of bulkhead projects.

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